Will Detox Tea or Waist Trainers Provide Better Fat Loss Results?

Since 2017 we've seen an influx in the market of "detox teas" and waist trainers. What pisses me of is how both these products are targeted at our dear, young women who happen coincidentally be the biggest purchasers of fitness products in general. Anyone else see the discrepancies in this "marketing strategy?" These companies are literally targeting the idea of not being comfortable within one's own body. But enough of my disagreements with the philosophies of various health companies, let's drive into the issues with waist trainers and "detox teas."

These detox teas usually include some sort of label stating, "detox" "fat-burning", "metabolism booster", "improved hair and nails", "cleanser", etc. My issue with this system is that we literally have TWO MAJOR ORGANS for detox which are our livers and kidneys. These companies throw a bunch of low quality herbs in these detox teas and list a bunch of undeliverable promises on the label claim. The other problem we have is, usually when adding something new to our health and wellness regimen, we typically improve the other important factors such as sleeping, hydrating, and exercising more which have a much great net total effect than a detox tea.  Further, all it takes is one ingredient in a detox tea that could have been included in a clinical study to aid in weight loss and companies are allowed to market the entire product as a weight loss product. Messed up right? This is why I say we must know how to read of nutrition labels (more here). That's why we see so many companies with the same products and spend countless hours comparing the competition. It also doesn't help that we have "fitfluencers" endorsing these detox teas and waist trainers when in all reality the net effect of their results come from genetics, exercise, and diet.  No tea can replace diet, exercise, and genetics. We have control over the first two. Now, take a look at waist trainers.

Ahhhhh good ole waist trainers. Velcro, compression, Saran wrap, garbage bags you name it. Effectively, these are supposed to "train our waist." First of all, that in itself does not even make sense. A waist trainer goes around the ABDOMEN yet it is called a waist trainer 🤔🤔🤔? Again, this malicious targeting scheme makes me sick. I don't mean to bash detox tea companies or waist trainer companies, however, I do want us all to be informed and educated with our investments in health and wellness. $60 spent on a box of tea and a waist trainer is dam near a week of groceries if you budget correctly. So, why in the hell would we even consider buying detox tea or a waist trainer? Well let's look at the science.  

One of the fundamental concepts of sciece is understanding Guy-Lussac's Law. Part of the law explains that temperature and pressure increases proportionally. Which means as pressure increases so does temperature. So as we exercise our body temperature increases (also a great predictor of performance), from increased pressure and compression of the abdomen. What happens when our body temperature rises? A simple sympathetic response which we have termed as sweat. What happens when we sweat? We lose water, we lose electrolytes. Okay okay, enough of the science Tyler, what does this have to do with waist trainers. Waist trainers are made to wrap around the midsection tightly increasing the pressure while we exercise, thus increasing the local temperature of the abdomen.This means that once you take this off, you'll be dripping with sweat and appear slimmer. That is because you are losing water from the localized abdomen aka momentary water loss. The moment you rehydrate, boom, you may see that the puffiness and bloated look returns. Further, there are no controlled studies that show waist trainers provide fat mobilization. Again this is not to bash users of these products or the companies that sell them, but I rather us all have the education to invest our money in methods that provide more sustainable results. Let's talk about how to do that. 

1 hour of exercise constitutes 4% of the day. Think about the correlation of exercise and fat loss. If 4% of the day is spent at the gym, then the other 96% of your day will have the greatest impact on your health goals. I'm not a firm believer of the ratios such as 90% diet, 10 % exercise for fat loss because that negates all the other important variables pertaining to health such as stress levels, sleep, alcohol intake, hydration, exercise selection and programming, etx. Which is why it is important to reiterate the point the main driver of fat loss is CALORIES IN (ENERGY IN; OUR FOOD SOURCES) VS. CALORIES OUT (ENERGY OUT; Exercise, resting metabolic rate, our daily activities). Further, it is important to note that calories are not just burned in the gym. Yes exercise ignites the fire for burning calories but so does taking the stairs, riding your bike to work, mowing the lawn, cleaning your car, doing your hair, grooming (yes men and women). All of these activities are forms of mini stresses that cause an adaptation which results in the body saying let me use some of that stored energy to produce the desired result. So yes, this what they mean when they say active lifestyle. Take advantage of the services of you pay for and in the meantime you've gained a new hobby that keeps active, inquisitive, and learning something new. All in all, as abpromoter of total health and wellness, I hope you took something useful away from this blog post. As always #BETTERTOGETHER.