Change is the New Normal

Modifying Our Behavior

Reflecting back on last week’s blog post about rejection, one of the key concepts we brought up was acknowledgement. Acknowledgement is a major component of behavior modification. Why is behavior modification important? Let’s dive in.

Shifting Our Mindset

As we continue to make progress in different aspects of our lives, we increasingly become curious to develop new skills and interests. Why does behavior matter in this circumstance? Behavior sets the premise for our goal-setting. In order to set objective goals, an acknowledgement of where we are, where we want to go, and how we are going to get there requires a deep personal understanding of self-awareness, experimentation, and adaptability. As cliché as this may sound, this does not happen overnight. We bring this up, because when setting goals, we DO NOT want to obsess over the outcomes or results. Instead, we shift towards becoming process-oriented.

When we become fixated on results and outcomes it is quite easy to get hung up on quantitative data rather than qualitative data. As an example, because we are a health and wellness community, let’s use weight loss as an example. Let’s say we are X amount of pounds currently (this represents where we are). We set out a goal to lose 10 lbs (where we want to go). We then follow an exercise and diet template (how we are going to get there). Each of the above represents some form of quantitative data because it starts with a number (starting weight, goal weight, x amount of exercises and x amount of calories from exercise and diet respectively). Now, not to say that these numbers are not important. However, once either the goal is achieved or the goal stalls, we end up discouraged and defeated because we did not progress towards or obtain a number. WE ARE MORE THAN NUMBERS. Progress comes in many different forms. This is where behavioral modification takes precedence. Let’s say we only lost 5lbs in x amount of time that we originally set out. Instead of being discouraged by not losing 10 lbs, we forgot about the small victories. Maybe we are more knowledgeable about food, maybe we stopped smoking or drinking, maybe we learned new exercises, maybe we started to learn a new skill, maybe we made new friends, and maybe we even just simply feel healthier. See what I’m getting at here? The list is much more extensive in comparison to not losing 5 more pounds. However, our behaviors improved. When behavior improves, so does our discipline. Due to the fact we are making better decisions, we are more likely to be self-aware of how various disturbances or situations influence our way of life. Now that is what we call qualitative. QUALITY. Oh, and you can have you cake and eat it too. Look at the quantity of life improvements made over dwelling on not reaching a NUMBER. WE ARE NOT STATISTICS, WE ARE NOT NUMBERS. We are powerful, we are works in progress, most importantly, WE ARE ABLE. Never forget that, do not sleep on yourself. Wake up out of the analysis paralysis and try something new (experimentation as mentioned above). It is not time to make excuses about why something did not happen. This is now opportunity. Moments. Memories. Reflections to be had. We do not make excuses, we make adjustments. So what the weight did not drop. There was just an adaptation both physically and emotionally that no longer provides a stimulus for the body is positively respond to. What now? BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION. Adjust the diet, adjust the exercise plan, increase activity, and recycle over and over. This does not just relate to diet or exercise. This methodology applies to wherever we are in life.

The Power of Becoming Process-Oriented

When we become process-oriented in life, we become unstoppable. Literally, we shift so deeply into a state of Zen and focus that we overcome any obstacle that comes our way. When obstacles do arise, we see this as an opportunity to improve an area of life that we did not previously have knowledge of without the obstacles in the first place. Now this is where we find the power of becoming process oriented. Self-awareness is consciously present. Emotional lows become high and emotional highs become higher. We obsess over improvement. We ingrain behaviors that provide a personal system to approach situations and opportunities with a positive, productive mindset. We no longer struggle with the balance of where we are and where we want to be. We know that the systems we have set in place will allow us to get to where we want to be and beyond. We trust the process. Yet, this does not happen alone.


#BETTERTOGETHER. It is more than a brand, more than a community, we are a family. From Snapchat, to Instagram, to Facebook, around the world we promote each other’s growth from all different walks of life. Undoubtedly, we need each other. Whatever my weakness is, could be your strength. Whatever your weakness is, could be my strength. So why not give to each other? Why not collaborate. Why not struggle and overcome together? For every one weakness, there are two strengths waiting to be obtained. How do we obtain strength together? How do we become #BETTERTOGETHER? We start with the productive mindset (sneak peek into next week). A self-assessment is the most poetic, powerful form of observation available to us by nature. When we actualize ourselves, we only allow ourselves to give our gifts to the world. I do not write for me. I write for us. This is an opportunity to educate, empower, and inspire. More importantly, it is an opportunity to create. Create new relationships, connections, and continuing creating a bigger family. #BETTERTOGETHER is more than a hashtag,

Moving Forward

With that being said, next time there is any apprehension to start something new… Crawl. Crawl before you walk, walk before you run, and run before you climb. Start with the acknowledgement of why it is important and what it provides. Obviously, the reasoning results in something positive because each and every day we are working on building our productive mindset. Each and every day, we become #BETTERTOGETHER. Stay tuned for next week as we dive into the productive mindset and the importance of positive affirmations.