3 Life-Changing Tips For The Week


Understanding both our extrinsic and intrinsic motivators are extremely crucial to building unbreakable discipline. This does not only apply to exercise, but, here, we are talking in regards to both professional and personal life. Extrinsic motivations could be a pay raise, a drop in body weight, or chasing after someone you have a crush on. Intrinsic motivators could be partaking on an activity or hobby just for the simple fact that it challenges you. Now, once we understand motivation which is in fact temporary, we can graduate to discipline which is much more permanent.

What does discipline look like? Waking up at 5 am does not make us disciplined nor does doing something 5 days of the week make us disciplined. If you do not wake up at 5 am everyday or eat clean 5 days out of the week, this does not make you an undisciplined individual nor does it make the next person any better or more successful despite popular belief. This just shows that all we have differences in our purposes and intentions.

What does make us disciplined, is making a conscious effort to produce desirable results consistently. What does this look like? Let’s break down the three tips that lead us to be more disciplined #BETTERTOGETHER.


First, SAY IT OUT LOUD. I want you right now to think about those goals you set at the beginning of the year, a current goal, or develop a goal and SAY IT OUT LOUD. The power of saying our goals right now automatically puts us into a system to continuously focus and reflect on that goal. Subconsciously, consistently stating our goal out loud will allow us think about how think about autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Autonomy, the desire to direct our own lives and do as we please. Mastery, the desire to consistently improve and exhibit proficiency to something that matters. Purpose, the desire to do what we do in service of something greater than ourselves. Starting to see how this all relates to goal-setting? We all want the freedom to set our own goals (autonomy), to develop a plan to achieve these goals even in the face of failure (mastery), in order to fulfill a greater vision (purpose). Self-directed goals consistently produce desirable results because we are wholesomely engaged in the process of reaching self-fulfillment. These processes are solely responsible for enhancing our creativity, networking, and developing trust in the support system around us. So, NEVER let anyone else design or direct your goals for you


Second, BELIEVE IT AND THEN SEE IT. Contrary to what we were told about seeing it first and then believing it. This defeats how we progress towards mastery. If we start by seeing our goals first then we have effectively tapped into our extrinsic motivations. Not that this is bad necessarily, however, what we commonly see is once that extrinsic motivation leaves, we often lose belief as well. Therefore, believing in ourselves first, allows us to tap into our more powerful intrinsic motivations. Our intrinsic motivations are more likely to stand the test of time because they usually do not change. Isn’t it funny how mastery works the same way. Once we master something, objectively or subjectively, usually those skills remain with us forever. While we can refine and improve over time, our intrinsic motivators are key in defining our purpose which we will talk about later. Further, mastery requires continuous failure and adaptation to unforeseen challenges. One of the ways we are able to accomplish mastery is through our support systems, which are in place for networking, learning, and accountability.


Lastly, BUILD A SYSTEM OF SUPPORT. I personally, cannot stress this enough. We have unlimited autonomy to choose those who will be our teachers, mentors, colleagues, resources, friends, and significant others. Now, our support system is not limited to just these populations, however, I am pointing out those who we most likely spend the most time with. It was not until I tapped into my support system, that I realized I needed to start a lot of shit over and rethink a lot of shit. I learned that it is okay to have more than one purpose not to beat myself up over defining a singular purpose to appease someone else’s question. Purposes can be environment specific. My purpose in the gym, versus professional work setting, versus social situations completely varies. Does this mean I have no direction? Absolutely. This just allows me to create clear intentions depending on the situation. However, I have been told that I can come off as dis-shelved, disorganized, and jump into things too quick. While I admit at times this can be true, I learned that these characteristics are also a apart of three tips in discussion, autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Autonomy because I have the power to start new hobbies, direct change, and choose how I spend my time. Mastery because I have the ability to continuously grow and learn with others especially those who have more experience than me. Purpose because throughout this continuous process, I learned that one of my purposes is to teach. I am not talking in an academic setting, but stepping into the process of becoming a life teacher. Growing, developing, and becoming #BETTERTOGETHER. That is what this is all about. Using and exchanging our unique gifts with the world to fulfill a greater purpose beyond ourselves. Being disorganized and jumping to things taught me to be a student first before coming a teacher. Being disorganized and jumping into things taught me try, fail, and get my ass back up again. This is what I want for all of us. DO NOT get down on yourself because you may be in a different spot than last year. Rather take today and this moment for what it is, and consider why you are where you are and where you are going. Figure out what you are doing and what would happen if things do not work out. It should effectively scare the shit out of you. However, trust the process. I am challenging you to think about a previous goal, current goal, or develop one and run through that three step process above and figure out if you are on track. Direct your day and crush that shit. Remember, it does not matter where you were, where you are, or where you are going, just remember that we have to all keep getting #BETTERTOGEGETHER.