Transitioning Into Transformation

The Productive Mindset

Last week we introduced the concept of The Productive Mindset centrally focused on behavior modifications and shifting towards becoming process-oriented. This week, we are going to advance into learning how to make behavior modifications permanent. Step 1, understanding positive affirmations.

 Believe It, Then See It

An adage tells us that you have to see it before you believe it. However, that disregards the power of positive affirmations which stem from faith. By no means is faith concrete, rather, faith is an intuitive BELIEF. Huge emphasis on belief, because it plays a major role in the systems that we put in place to govern our lives. Further, this relates to becoming process-oriented. If we see before we believe, then our mindset becomes focused on the results rather than the process. Having belief in ourselves precedes our ability to make positive affirmations. Why are positive affirmations so powerful? Positive affirmations cause the transition to transformation. Examples? Let’s check a few out:

 Positive Affirmations

I have to – I get to

I was – I am

I can’t – I can

I didn’t – I will

I don’t – I must

 Shifting Our Systems

These simple language changes enable us to initiate our transformation from where we are to where we want to go. As we continually practice making positive affirmations we also begin forming positive, productive habits which are necessary for The Productive Mindset. Each night before our extended rest, aka sleep, make a positive affirmation for the next day so that it is the first thing on your mind when you wake up. The young folks call this speaking it into existence. Rather than saying, if I wake up on time, then I will go exercise. Try, I am going to wake up at X time, exercise, and prepare for the day. Within this simple modification, you go from a contingent statement to an affirmative statement. How? Simply, because you believed it would happen. Now you get to see the fruits of your labour. Switching to the previously mentioned affirmative statement, you most likely accomplished a bunch of mini-goals at one time including waking up on time, making your bed, brushing your teeth, exercising, showering, getting dressed, and getting a meal in. Look how many small victories there are to celebrate simply by making a small positive affirmation. Eventually, you will see this becomes habitual and turns nice little morning routine.

Call To Action

Upon our new transformation, there will inevitably be roadblocks and obstacles to overcome. However, because we have modified our behavior to build a bulletproof mind, we now have the necessary systems in place to tackle problems head-on. In the discussion of proactive versus reactive, the very practice of positive affirmation takes the proactive approach in creating a stimulating environment that encourages growth and calculated risk-taking. We are now able to react to situations in a much more productive manner all thanks to our Productive Mindset. It is imperative that we as a #BETTERTOGETHER community, take smalls steps together while still leaving our footprint. What does that mean? That means we are going to challenge each other. Here are some goals for the rest of this week leading into next week.


1.)     Write down everything you are happy about at the end of the day for that day only.

2.)     Repeat the same process when you wake up the next morning

3.)     On day 3, write down a quantitative goal, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or for the rest of the year, apply a deadline.

4.)     Find an accountability partner (if you want me to be that person, message me on any of the social links below)

5.)     Set a plan or system in progress that allows you to check-in with your accountability partner as often as desired.

6.)     Write down five affirmations using the above-bolded statements on Sunday. If desired, you can repeat as necessary, but you owe yourself five.

7.)     Check-in with your accountability partner and yourself and discuss your progress next Monday

8.)     Repeat your affirmations daily until it is ingrained in your head and recycle this method as often as necessary.

Wrapping Up

As always, we are here to create, inspire, and empower. To build one another up and grow from the seeds we plant. We water our seeds with love, positivity, and the reassurance available through the community we have built together. This is a forever thing. #BETTERTOGETHER.