Dealing with Rejection: A Personal Revelation


“You’re not what we’re looking for.” “You’re a better fit somewhere else.” Both of these previous phrases represent what we never want to hear in regards to applications, relationships, or social situations. For the sake of this blog post, let’s call it rejection.

Normally, most of the language of previous blog posts contains a lot of we not me which as you all know is the motto I stand by and the premise of #BETTERTOGETHER. However, this time, I want to share a personal revelation with you all regarding rejection.

 Striking Out

Dealing with rejection, specifically social rejection, has always been a tough matter for me to handle. Why so? I hate feeling like I’m letting someone down or not doing enough. Then again, how do we quantify what we do is enough for someone else? That’s the million-dollar question because no matter what is done, I feel like there is more work to do. In a sense, this is a great attitude to have but it wears me down when things do not go right. Most recently, I learned that I unfortunately was not accepted into SIUC’s post-bacc Medprep program designed to help students prepare for professional health school (medical school in my case). To be honest, this put me down pretty hard after first reading the letter. I read it over and over, falling into analysis paralysis. However, over the course of the week, I was able to fall back onto the peaks of this year in learning to deal with rejection in a completely different manner. I discuss this rejection because I appreciate everyone that holds me accountable and will not let me give up. In a sense, I still feel like I have let a lot of people down, yet, I must take my own advice and “Control what can be controlled.” I know where my weaknesses lie, and now it is time to improve my weaknesses and focus on improving my strengths as well. Chemistry and physics may be the death of me, but there’s no way I can expect to be a competent physician one day ignoring the pitfalls in my academic background. This time around, it is about remaining focused, humble, and embracing the suck. Put the work in. Learn from my weaknesses developed during undergrad and try again. I refuse to give up and I refuse to let YOU reading this post give up on your dream.

 Remember Your Clock

As cliché as it may sound, right now is not my time. Okay, so, now what? I have decided to embrace rejection as an opportunity to learn and expand my mindset. Now that I have all the indications of what is not going to happen, I have the opportunity make something happen. We have just about three months left in 2019 and we still have goals to accomplish. Let’s fucking crush them together.


What Now?

Reflect upon the last year and discover our shortcomings and upcomings. Notice, that shortcomings come before upcomings. That is because a lot of our success stem from what we once struggled with or saw someone else struggle with. The cool kids nowadays call that observation. Observation is mere acknowledgement which is step 1 in the big three A’s:  Acknowledgement, Action, and Achievement. With acknowledgement, we know what we need to work on. Now, it is time to compile a formidable plan, and carry out the process. Trust the process.


Moving Forward

Today’s post is not a cry or plea for sympathy. Selfishly, this is a memoir to reflect upon for self-improvement. In the same light, I hope that after reading today’s blog, you as the reader feel inspired, enticed, and ready to crush the rest of 2019. Remember, when alone, we do many great things, but with each other, we only do #BETTERTOGETHER.